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The protagonist of Things Fall. Things Fall Apart was written by a Nigerian man named Chinua Achebe in , with the intentions of fully exploiting the truth and creating a new perspective about African culture. Seeing as though Achebe lived through the colonization of the Igbo people, he was able to write without stereotyping Africans and European people.

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Achebe purposefully wrote this novel in English instead of Igbo language because he wanted the perspective shared across Europe to defeat previously construed beliefs of the. Okonkwo is the personification of the Igbo cultural values and morals, he is a true warrior, hard-working man that raises a surplus of staple foods, and a holder of many Igbo cultural titles showing proof of his dedication and work.

Okonkwo is also one of the Egwugwu, an elder of the village that acts as a host for a god. Men have to always set rules for their families and ensure that they are always followed and respected. Langness In both stories the male father figure was strict mentally rather than just physical.

Things fall apart is a classic novel written around the turn of the century, the novel focuses on the protagonist who we can also call a hero, Okonkwo. Okonkwo is a wealthy and respected leader within the Igbo tribe of Umuofia in eastern Nigeria. Strong individual with a passionate belief in all the values and traditions of his people. Chinua Achebe presents Okonkwo as a particular kind of tragic protagonist, a great man who carries the fate of his people. Okonkwo is a man who is inflexible and.

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The story of Okonmo, a powerful leader of the community who lived a good life with a good compound and respect of the villagers and does not want to accept the new realities of the colonialism is one of the central in narration. Okonmo was banished from community for the accidental killing a clansman. He is fighting against colonialism alone. The accident when the son of the snake priest ate the sacred python after being converted to Christianity is a very indicative one 3. Actually this python could symbolize the cultural and religious values of Africans eaten by the cultural values of the colonizers.

It is sadder that this annihilation of the native values has been accepted by the Africans. While reading a book one may note the westernization of the language. The narration changes from alive to more chronological one in the style of the western tradition.

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If it is assumed that a language is the most important aspect of the national culture, it indicates the westernization of the African community, which means steady loss of cultural values and traditions. Things fall apart is a state in which community changed when Okonmo came back compared to that before his leaving the village. The process of the mutual exchange of the cultural traditions between the intruders and the Africans takes place, but while Africans study the new cultural elements with the interest, the whites study them to find the means to eliminate local cultural traditions.

In this way Mr. Brown learnt a good deal about the religion of the clan and he came to the conclusion that a frontal attack on it would not succeed 4. The theme of colonialism is one of the central of the novel.

The colonialism is revealed as harmful from the point of view of culture phenomenon. The colonial rule brought some positive values of the western civilization, but it also brought much more factors which eliminated the traditional African culture. One of the main topics of the novel is to reveal the real aims of the colonial intruders to reshape the cultural, spiritual and tradition environment of the Africans.

Such activities influenced greatly not only African culture but the entire world. A great part of African tradition had been lost and this is a loss of the entire world and not only of Africa.