Essay on barbie doll by marge piercy

The poem "Barbie Doll" by Marge Piercy, states that this girl would rather be dead and beautiful, than alive and "ugly". Most girls this day and age have the same state of mind.

Understanding "Barbie Doll" by Marge Piercy

Society makes you think that it's better to be dead and perfect, than alive and imperfect. It is really sad how looks are more important than intelligence and talent. In reality, the American youth doesn't have very good role models.

Britney Spears is pretty, but she has no talent. Yet she is famous, not for her voice, not for her acting skills, but because she is beautiful. In the beginning of this poem, the main character is living a normal, and happy childhood. When she hits puberty, someone says something that will affect her life forever.

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At this moment she begins to think that she is not good enough. A comment from the adolescent years can stay in your head forever. That is why many young women today have very low self-esteem.

Essay about Barbie Doll by Marge Piercy Analysis - Words | Bartleby

At this time is where "Being dead and perfect, is better than being alive and imperfect" begins to get imbedded in her mind. The second paragraph states that this girl is very smart, normal, and has every chance in the world of becoming something good in her life.

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The theme of the poem is distinct: Piercy is alluding to the impossible conditions of beauty in the modern world and how the desire for such unattainable ideals can lead to death. The dark and ominous atmosphere in the poem is set by the descriptive details of the poem and the consequent mood that is set by the tone. Piercy employs a matter-of-factly way to describe the details of a fat girl and her growing up years. Yet the choice of images employed is unique and powerful for they evoke images of childhood.

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The sardonic tone that Piercy uses is most blatant in the final two stanzas. Here, Piercy moves beyond a description of physical beauty but one of social expectations of femininity. The girl is compelled to follow social norms of what it is to be female both physically and socially. The girl has been transformed into the image she could not attain in life and could only do so in death.

This is a chilling thought that Piercy is attempting to communicate to readers — women die trying to achieve impossible notions of beauty and perhaps the only way to do so is in death.

Barbie Doll's Influence on Gender Perception and Social Expectation on Girls

To every woman a happy ending. The lines in this stanza are then charged with irony and the irony evokes a sense of sadness and shock. There is no real happy ending for although she does finally for her quest for beauty and perfection is consummated she dies in the process.

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