Student retention dissertations

The significance of administrative support for the state-wide innovation of Montana's Indian education for all , Chris Michael Olszewski.

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Effects of individual-oriented relationship education on university students' knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes , Sara Polanchek. A comparison of student achievement in rural schools with four and five day weeks , Timothy W. A phenomenological study of leadership: Developmental pathways of leaders with disabilities , Mika Watanabe.

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The relationship between Montana science teachers self-efficacy and the integration of Web 2. What high school principals do to develop, implement, and sustain a high functioning character education initiative , Jacob A.

A study of the relationship between high school principal leadership style and the number of bullying behaviors in Montana public high schools , James Edward Fuller. Working memory capacity training and the effect on reading comprehension, numerical reasoning, and vocational progress , David Evans Johnson. Information seeking sources of education policy makers , Shannon Louise O'Brien.

Student Retention Strategies

Psychological adjustment and relational development in Ethiopian adoptees and their families , Waganesh Zeleke. During the study, several factors became apparent. One of the biggest influences on whether or not an adult student completed their online coursework was their schedule outside of the learning environment.

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This included family obligations, employment, and other variables that were outside the scope of the research study. The fact that the student had or had not completed the online orientation class had very little bearing on whether or not they were able to complete the assigned coursework.

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While the majority of students were successful, Fee used telephone interviews and emails to maintain contact with the participants and gauge their overall progress. However, i t was determined through communication with the participants that the online orientation classes offered by the school met the challenges that many of the online students faced during the first class. This offered them an opportunity to learn more about the platform prior to taking their first online class.

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It also gave them an opportunity to navigate the features they would be using and to practice the online skills they would need throughout the class. The results show a discrepancy between adequate motivation level accompanied by high confidence in abilities, and, lack of voluntary learning activities coupled with reluctance to take up responsibility for own learning.

In addition to student questionnaires, 10 teachers were interviewed on their perception of where their students stand in relation to autonomous learning of English. The results of the teacher interviews indicate a cautious optimism: Teachers believe that, although learner autonomy is hard to achieve against the backdrop of a rote learning tradition; a gradual transition to learner autonomy would still be possible if administrative restrictions were removed and students were properly trained.