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Plagiarism Today. How to Find Plagiarism vuferszfsvvyzvzqfffdfeerqufqwdsedw 2. What Viper is Doing Viper, like most plagiarism detection services, has a terms of service. That section, in turn, mentions the following: When you scan a document, you agree that 9 months after completion of your scan, we will automatically upload your essay to our student essays database which will appear on one of our network of websites so that other students may use it to help them write their own essays.

It then also provides a link to the page above, further explaining its policies. Questionable Transparency While Viper claims that it is being transparent about the use of your content, to me, that is debatable.

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Legal Questions This raises the question where this type of contract is legal and, if so, what can be done about it? Bottom Line What it comes down to is this: An anti-plagiarism service is using the essays submitted to it to feed sites that are widely used by plagiarists seeking content to copy. I would advise anyone who cares about the work they produce, to go with one of those. Want to Republish this Article? Request Permission Here. It's Free. Have a Plagiarism Problem?

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Need an expert witness, plagiarism analyst or content enforcer? Check out our Consulting Website. An Open Letter to Anas Abdin. The Baylor University Plagiarism Controversy. Composing Music After Blurred Lines. Stay Connected.

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Now, I can feel relieved because there are many alternative tools apart from Copyscape. Thanks for sharing this great list with us, Swadhin. The one tool that I have used over the past decade is Copyscape. I have heard about most of the tools that you have mentioned, will take a look at the ones that are new.

Well, actually to care about plagiarism checking for our content is great way to dial with duplicated content.

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  8. I believe that everyone know exactly how Google hate those duplicated content. I always use SmallSEOTools for check my blog post, but some blogger friend told me that it is not work well. I mean the report not accurate and unreliable. I tried to find more useful tool for check my article, and I found Copyscape is great for doing this.

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    This is the Ultimate list of Plagiarism Checker Tools. A plagiarism checker tools is like as compulsory tools in blog-sphere : Thanks for sharing such a huge list. You have done a comprehensive research on these tools. Hi Swadhin bro, This is very informative post : : i am glad to land up on this site : : i just use SmallSEOTolls plagiarism checker and after reading this post i found many other useful tools : : You got good collection of list… keep writing many more useful articles : :.

    I would say that it is a great post for bloggers. I have many bad experiences with content copying and If found any, I politely request the blog owner to remove that. Hi Swadhin, As I promised in the morning I am here now, This is indeed a great list and I was using Copyscape and now came to know about other wonderful pages on this line, Thanks for sharing this wonderful information, I am bookmarking it for my further reference. In fact this is a timely one as we all just came to know about one of our friends dilemma in this regard and you and other helped him finding a solution to his problem In fact most of us went through such situations, now that there are a good number of alternative to find solutions to such activities.

    Thanks again for collecting these informative links and you presented it well with a note. Hi Swadhin bro, Great post. It is most necessary to save your content from any kind of theft. Because when someone uses your content then it decrease the value of original content. So thanks for sharing this post. It will really helps a lot to save our content. I am also using copyscape and 2 or 3 other tools.

    Actually I was not aware about all these. Thanks Again. Hi Naveen, Glad you liked the post. I think content theft is one of the major concerns for bloggers.

    I personally use copyscape and grammarly of the above. Excellent post and you really revealed so many tools we can use to combat duplicate content. Plagiarism makes creative workers look so stupid. As you have mentioned, it is proper to credit an author for his work. Thank you for sharing this awesome resource. Have a nice week. Hi Ikechi bro, Thanks for the appreciation. Hope this post helps someone to fight a battle against plagiarism. I also agree a line of credit is what will solve all problems.

    Yeah Swadhin said it right duplicating content is increase and is a concern in both the cases whether its intentionally or unintentionally. I was only aware of copyscape and smallseotools that i came to know later on as i was searching learning. Since copyscape tell the overall site Plagiarism Check moreover with a number of limited searches being new and having highly copied content it was difficult. If I would have had this list that time it would have surely reduced my time.

    Well above all thanks for sharing worth 17 other tools. Need to check all and have to make book marks based on the results. Hi Apoorv, Glad you could make it here. Anyways, thanks you liked the post and glad it helped you. I was definitely sure about copyscape and smallseotools, I mean so many others use it. Please check out the other three. I would love to hear about them from you. Who will not bookmark this post! Wonderful list of tools bro. This post would be a soothener for any blogger in tense and disappointment at that phase.

    Thank you so much for such a fine list in this trending time. Hi Sasidhar, Thank you bro for these words of appreciation. I am glad you liked the post. The ideas and words from you friends make me motivated to write posts. Thanks again for sharing really useful free plagiarism tool list to protect their own work……. Have a nice day…….!!! Hi Gangadhar, Its true. Its not only disappointing for the owner but also cheating for the readers and viewers who think they are looking at a original piece.

    Thanks and glad you liked the post. Have a happy week.

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    Hi Swadhin, Thank you so much for this post. You have right timing bro. I was looking for a perfect, free online plagiarism checkers. During the time, I just visited your blog and saw this latest post. This one seems it is exclusively written for me. Thank you so much bro.