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Focus group is a small group of people who typically respond to online surveys sent to them.

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The best part about focus group is the information can be collected remotely, can be done without personally interacting with the group members. However, this is a more expensive method as it is used to collect complex information.

One-to-one interview: As the name suggests this method involves personal interaction in the form of an interview, where the researcher asks a series of questions to collect information or data from the respondents. The questions are mostly open ended questions and asked in a way to facilitate responses. This method is heavily dependent on the ability and experience of the interviewer to ask questions that evoke responses. Ethnographic research : This type of in-depth research is conducted in the natural settings of the respondents.

Geographical constraints can be a hindering factor in conducting this kind of research. Ethnographic research can last from a few days to a few years. Learn More: Qualitative Research Methods. Qualitative research methods are used by organizations to conducted structured market research by using online surveys , questionnaires and polls to gain statistical insights to make informed decisions.

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This method was once conducted using pen and paper. This has now evolved to sending structured online surveys to the respondents to gain actionable insights. Researchers tend to use modern and technology-oriented survey platforms to structure and design their survey to evoke maximum response from respondents. Through a well-structured mechanism, data is easily collected and reported and necessary action can be taken with all the information that is made available first hand. Learn more: How to conduct quantitative research.

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Secondary Market Research: Secondary research uses information that is organized by outside source like government agencies, media, chambers of commerce etc. This information is published in newspaper, magazines, books, company website, free government and nongovernment agencies and so on. Secondary source makes use of the following:. Public sources: Public sources like library are an awesome way of gathering free information.

Government libraries usually offer services free of cost and a researcher can document available information. Commercial sources: Commercial source although reliable are expensive.

Local newspapers, magazines, journal, television media are great commercial sources to collect information. Educational Institutions: Although not a very popular source of collecting information, most universities and educational institutions are a rich source of information as many research projects are carried out there than any business sector. With economy being competitive with each passing day it is important for businesses to know and understand preferences of their consumers.

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Conducting research is one of the best ways of achieving customer satisfaction , reduce customer churn and elevate business. Here are the reasons why market research is important and should not be ignored:. Learn more: Qualitative Research.

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Following are the steps to conduct an effective market research. Having a well-defined subject of research will help researchers when they ask questions. These questions should be directed to solve problems and they have to be adapted to the project. Make sure the questions are written clearly and that the respondents understand them. Researchers can conduct a test with a small group to know if the questions are going to know whether the asked questions are understandable and will they be enough to gain insightful results.

Research objectives should be written in a precise way and should include a brief description of the information that is needed and the way in which it will obtain it. Learn more: Interview Questions. To carry out market research, researchers need a representative sample that can be collected using one of the many sampling techniques. A representative sample is a small number of people that reflect, as accurately as possible, a larger group.

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When a sample is not representative, there can be a margin of error. If researchers want to have a representative sample of employees, they should choose a similar number of men and women. The sample size is very important, but it does not guarantee accuracy. More than size, representativeness is related to the sampling frame, that is, to the list from which people are selected, for example, part of a survey. If researchers want to continue expanding their knowledge on how to determine the size of the sample consult our guide on sampling here.

First, a data collection instrument should be developed. The fact that they do not answer a survey, or answer it incompletely will cause errors in research. The correct collection of data will prevent this. Each of the points of the market research process is linked to one another. If all the above is executed well, but there is no accurate analysis of the results, then the decisions made consequently will not be appropriate. In-depth analysis conducted without leaving loose ends will be effective in gaining solutions. Data analysis will be captured in a report, which should also be written clearly so that effective decisions can be made on that basis.

Analyze and interpret the results is to look for a wider meaning to the obtained data. All the previous phases have been developed to arrive at this moment. How can researchers measure the obtained results? The only quantitative data that will be obtained is age, sex, profession, and number of interviewees because the rest are emotions and experiences that have been transmitted to us by the interlocutors. For this, there is a tool called empathy map that forces us to put ourselves in the place of our clientele with the aim of being able to identify, really, the characteristics that will allow us to make a better adjustment between our products or services and their needs or interests.

When the research has been carefully planned, the hypotheses have been adequately defined and the indicated collection method has been used, the interpretation is usually carried out easily and successfully. What follows after conducting market research? Learn more: Types of Interviews. When presenting the results, researchers should focus on: what do they want to achieve using this research report and while answering this question they should not assume that the structure of the survey is the best way to do the analysis. One of the big mistakes that many researchers make is that they present the reports in the same order of their questions and do not see the potential of storytelling.

To make good reports, the best analysts give the following advice: follow the inverted pyramid style to present the results, answering at the beginning the essential questions of the business that caused the investigation. Start with the conclusions and give them fundamentals, instead of accumulating evidence. After this researchers can provide details to the readers who have the time and interest.

They can also discover valuable information that will help in estimating the prices of their product or service and find a point of balance that will benefit them and the consumers. Learn more: Quantitative Research. Are you looking to increase traffic to your location? Or increase sales? Or convert customers from one-time purchasers to regulars? Figuring out your objective will help you tailor the rest of your research and your future marketing materials.

Having an objective for your research will flesh out what kind of data you need to collect. The most important thing to remember is that your business serves a specific kind of customer. Defining your specific customer has many advantages like allowing you to understand what kind of language to use when crafting your marketing materials, and how to approach building relationships with your customer. When you take time to define your target customer you can also find the best products and services to sell to them. You want to know as much as you can about your target customer.

You can gather this information through observation and by researching the kind of customers who frequent your type of business. For starters, helpful things to know are their age and income. What do they do for a living? Learn more: Customer Satisfaction. Armed with this information, you can create better marketing messages that speak to your target customers.

You want to focus your efforts on the right customer who already is compelled to spend money on your offer. Instead, keep your focus on your target customer. This works for brick and mortar businesses as well as internet businesses because it allows you to step into the shoes of your customer and open up to a new perspective of your business.

Take a look around the internet and around your town. For example, if you own a restaurant specializing in Italian cuisine, dine at the other Italian place in your neighborhood or in the next township. Can you see areas that need attention or improvement? How are you running things in comparison? Are the customers here pleased?

Also, take a close look at their market segment. Who else is patronizing their business? Are they the same kinds of people who spend money with you? By asking these questions and doing in-person research, you can dig up a lot of information to help you define your unique selling position and create even better offers for your customers. However, remember that some feedback may be harsh, so take criticism as a learning tool to point you in the right direction.

Creating a survey is simple. Many customers will be delighted to offer feedback. You can even give customers who fill out surveys a gift like a special coupon for their next purchase.