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By , this figure is expected to rise to Surely, the Christian response to globalization must be to engage with the growing Church. Yet even within our local churches, we find that while unity is the desired end, division is more common. When we attempt to address unity in a global context, we are holding in tension the reality of relational brokenness that comes with sin.

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Consider the negative accounts of missions from history—namely, missions used in conjunction with colonialism to perpetuate a mindset of superiority and subjugate the other. How can the Church claim to have any hope for unity when figures such as Diego de Landa seem to discredit our motives?

Perhaps we should be asking what our motives should be in the first place. In his book on the Church, Life Together , theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer describes the darkness of the human heart. We often love with the motivation to fulfill our own desires, a love that ultimately desires to rule the other.

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Cuban-American theologian Justo Gonzalez helps us further contemplate the nature of the Church. The Church is founded on Christ who is logos —the Word made flesh. The logos is not only the originator of truth but the designer of beauty. In his first encyclical, Pope John Paul II stated that by assuming our nature, Christ raised us to a dignity beyond compare. The modern trend of missions provides hope and testifies to this truth, showing growing participation in the global world. Instead of initial models of pioneer missions where one church would visit a foreign country to impart the gospel, the visiting church serves an already present local church in its respective context.

The growth of Christianity means that there are already local churches in the majority world, and these churches, in turn, can minister to the visiting church.

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We see churches such as Kensington Temple in London, founded by a British pastor, ministering to a congregation of 2, composed of over nationalities; Assembly of God Church in Kolkata, India—a church with eight language services, including Hindi, Bengali and English; KICC in Hackney, London, founded by a Nigerian native, with worshippers from a total of 46 nations.

We have great expectations for the global Church because it is not founded on the excellence of human beings, but on the hope that we have in Christ. Bonhoeffer reminds us that God already laid the only foundation of our fellowship in Christ, and our part is to enter into common life as thankful recipients.

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Winter, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement Redemption as a new creation. Elizabeth Johnson, Consider Jesus , Too religious. Unfortunately, when we encounter other cultural expressions of the Christian faith, a response like this is not all that rare. Indeed, for many American evangelicals, like myself, Christianity in the majority world can be faith-shaking. When we have the courage to give grace to the diversity of Christians in the majority world—that is grace to both their worship practices and theologies—we give ourselves the opportunity to encounter Christ in a renewed manner.

We see Jesus in a different image, and this draws us deeper into knowing him.

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After all, he came with good news for all the nations Matthew However, we still can find the beauty of the gospel amongst these communities because in each are still people who believe and love Jesus. While in Joppa, Peter received a vision from the Spirit directing him to eat traditionally unclean meats. Peter had to explain his actions to his own circle of believers afterward in Jerusalem.

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