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Compromised machines can even be used as Bots and Zombies for further attacks. Covering Tracks : It is also known as Daisy Chaining. To avoid being exposed or caught, a good hacker will leave no impressions of his presence. So he attempts to overwrite the system and application logs. All technical, management and strategic problems should be thought-about. Backup off information must be ensured, otherwise the testing could also be known off unexpectedly if somebody claims they never authorises for the tests.

So, a well outlined scope involves the subsequent in formation: 1.


Specific systems to be tested: While choosing systems to test, begin with the most critical systems and processes or those you think to be the most vulnerable. Risks involved: It pays to own a contingency set up for your ethical hacking process just in case anything goes away. What if you are assessing your firewall or internet application and you are taking it down? This could cause system inaccessibility, which may cut back system performance or employee productivity. Even worse, it might cause loss of information integrity, loss of information itself, and even unhealthy publicity.

It will most certainly check someone or two and make you look unhealthy.

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Handle social engineering and DoS attacks carefully. Determine how they'll have an effect on the systems you are testing and your entire organization. When the tests will be performed and your overall timeline: Determining while the tests are performed are a few things that you simply must assume long and hard about.

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Does one perform tests throughout normal business hours? However concerning late at midnight or early within the morning in order that production systems are not affected? Involve others to create certain they approve of your timing. The best approach is an infinite attack, whereby any variety of test is possible at any time of day. The dangerous guys are not breaking into your systems inside a restricted scope, thus why should you?

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Some exceptions to this approach are performing DoS attacks, social engineering, and physical security tests. How much information of the systems you've got before you begin testing: You do not need intensive information of the systems you are testing — simply a basic understanding. This basic understanding helps shield you and also the tested systems. What action will be taken while a serious vulnerability is discovered: Do not stop when you discover one security hole.

Keep getting to see what else you are able to discover. If you haven't found any vulnerabilities, you haven't looked hard enough. The specific deliverables: This includes security assessment reports and a higher-level report outlining the general vulnerabilities to be addressed, along with countermeasures that should be implemented.

The list and description of several tools used in the ethical hacking process are as follows: Scanning tools: The Scanning tools are quite helpful in the ethical hacking process.

In technical detail, a scanner sends a message requesting to open a connection with a computer on a particular port. A port is an interface where different layers of software exchanges information. The functionality of these tools varies from one to the other, but they all present a detailed analysis of how vulnerable your system is.

They allow you to detect those threats that are potentially dangerous for your system. A CEH is hired to locate and repair application and system security vulnerabilities to preempt exploitation by black hat hackers and others with potentially illegal intensions. To beat a hacker, you need to think like one!

The CEH credential certifies individuals within the specific network security discipline of ethical Hacking from a vendor-neutral perspective. The Certified Ethical Hacker program is the pinnacle of the most desired information security training program any information security professional will ever want to be in.

To master the hacking technologies, you will need to become one, but an ethical one! The authorised course provides the advanced hacking tools and techniques used by hackers and information security professionals alike to break into an organization. This course will immerse you into the Hacker mind-set so you will be able to defend against future attacks.

Tools for both Windows and Linux are available and now anyone can actually be a decent hacker using nothing but windows. The best of times for those curious about security and how it can be breached and the worst of times if you are sitting on the net with a vulnerable computer. If we were to split hacking into 3 levels, say low, middle and high. Low is requiring the least amount of technical skill and relies more on social engineering and a few simple things like hardware key loggers.

Middle level comprises a good skill with tools available and precompiled buffer overflows, etc Our strong feeling is that the middle level as defined it will be the one that will disappear in the future. Buffer overflows will become a thing of the past. Technology is growing strongly towards that direction.

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Exploiting code will slowly become more and more difficult and tools that focus on that will lose more and more of their effectiveness. Hackers will either focus on things like social engineering or gaining physical access. Join a cleaning crew and place a hardware key logger. Come back the next night and retrieve it and while not very sophisticated it can be very devastating none the less. The high end will be those that understand the very core of IP6 and will understand how to manipulate packet flows in ways no one has ever thought about.

Obviously if this scenario is correct, most hackers will focus on the low level and that perhaps is even scarier. Using a combination of hardware and social skills could prove the most difficult to defend against. But, with the current poor security on the internet, ethical hacking may be the most effective way to plug security holes and stop intrusions. On the opposite hand ethical hacking tools have also been disreputable tools for crackers.

So, at this time the tactical objective is to remain one step ahead of the crackers. After all, ethical hacking can play a certain role in the security assessment offerings and positively has attained its place among alternative security assessments.

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