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This week the ad campaign basked in an extended moment in the Colbert Report spotlight. Many of you will have seen the clip already, but it seemed fitting to officially memorialize this moment in the BCC post archive, given that By Common Consent named Stephen Colbert the Boggs-Doniphan Gentile of the Year.

The church could hardly ask for a more flattering treatment. Then he shows several of our ads, giving air time to a wide variety of very appealing church members. Finally, to help steel himself against the temptation to become a Mormon, he makes a pilot ad for a corresponding campaign for Catholics. So indicting. Glad to see a highly-viewed host put it to social thought.

Where Did Past Daily Show Correspondents End Up?

My favorite part was the Catholic tiger high-five, followed by explosion. Bob, can you be more specific in terms of who you think thinks that, or what kinds of things bloggers might say that would make you think they think that? Cynthia, Are you saying you have never read a blogger who said they that were happy that Mormons thought weird things like Mother in Heaven?

Is flattering treatment from a satirist genuinely flattering? You see, the Mormon. So the liking of Mormonism was not, in itself, the satire. Actually the Obama people never brought up Mormonism. An anonymous source said they wanted to portray Romney as waffling and inauthentic and weird in the same way Bush tried to portray Kerry is weird.

Hey… what day was it on? The weirdest thing I have heard from Romney is that corporations are people kinda like Soylent Green. Either way you should own your belief publicly and confidently. I grew up listening to learned caring men speak to me weekly on how to be a better me, not yearn for earthly riches, and give to the poor, and I have tried to emulated them. I also watched them do the hokey pokey and wave their hands about, then insist the bread and wine they were eating had transsubstantiated whatever that means and we were now cannibals.

Go figure. Seems to me that this great Colbert segment is saying the exact same thing as the BoM Musical, Cynthia, but with less swearing. Maybe it is irrational, but mention of those things is like kryptonite to me. To some degree, focusing on Kolob is like accusing Catholics of engaging in ritualized cannibalism. Technically accurate, but misleading in its own way. Colbert also shows through the ads that a wide variety of not-sheltered, not all white people find value in Mormonism, whereas BoMM, by necessity to set up the plot, shows naive never-been-out-of-Kansas types whose beliefs have to be overhauled a la Book of Arnold to be relevant to the outside world.

You watch the Colbert segment and you get that urban-hip bird woman, and the silver hair dude in what looks like NYC. Also, again, the Kolob. And we know from Lakoff that frame is everything. I still like you! I totally am ok with that! You can still do a lot of good in the world! I think you can still totally be president even with that happening to you. Really, I totally accept and embrace it, because I see the good you do! Cynthia, I felt just you did just ask Scott B. How dare people be nice to me but look down on what I believe!

The Book Of Mormon review: The most over-hyped show on God's earth

Kryptonite no longer has power over me. Ryan Bondy and Cody Jamison Strand, playing Mormon missionaries Elder Price and Elder Cunningham, respectively, carry the show with wiggling hips and pubescent shrieks of terror and delight. When the odd couple flies to Uganda to indoctrinate its crass but lovable denizens with the wonder of Jesus and Salt Lake City, they come face-to-face with an oppressive warlord with an unprintable name.

The resulting plot contains rapid-fire jokes about Africans, Christians, Jesus and all kinds of sex and mayhem. But this is a mishmash of profanity and the high-kicking showmanship of the Great American Songbook that can only bring a smile to your face.

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  • This is OK. Stephen's Sound Advice is an advice segment during which Colbert offers absurdist remedies for problems such as taxes, power blackouts and identity theft. The shorts could be said to be formulaic and over the top, with each one featuring Jansen taking part in heroic adventures, becoming amorous with every woman human and otherwise he meets, spouting one-liners, and falling into mortal danger in a cliffhanger ending. Invariably the real Colbert will react to the animated goings-on as if he, too, finds it as exciting as the narrator does.

    In this recurring segment, Colbert presents food issues of the day like obesity, Coney Islands Hot Dog Eating Contest or new fast food offerings, targeting overboarding creations. Some quotes:. The ThreatDown is one of the show's longest running segments, listing the five biggest threats to Americans as identified by Stephen Colbert. Bears and robots and, occasionally, robot bears each frequently feature high on the list, either as their own entry or in connection with another entry.

    The threats posed are often a threat to no one but Colbert himself; for example, in January , Colbert declared the Associated Press the number one threat to America for failing to credit him with the coining of the word " truthiness ". Variations on this segment have included a GreatDown , in which Colbert listed the five greatest things in America; a Mini ThreatDown that featured a single "threat number. You have to destroy all the bears in the level 'Number One Threat to America' [ citation needed ].

    It is not uncommon for Colbert to praise someone with a " Tip of the Hat ", only to immediately turn around and condemn them with a " Wag of the Finger ", sometimes for the same reason. In one such instance, Colbert lavished approval on then- Prime Minister of Australia John Howard for his criticism of Barack Obama , expressing agreement with the remarks, before showering Howard with abuse for daring to speak ill of an American citizen. He also has tipped his hat to Roe v. Wade, the abortion case, because he wants to be able to "Roe" across a lake in a boat, not "Wade" across and ruin his jacket.

    Un-American News is a segment in which Colbert reports on news from around the world. He interviewed Gen. Raymond T. Bush on day two. Variants of this segment include Who's Honoring Me Now? Who's Attacking Me Now?

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    Who's Riding My Coattails Now? During the title sequence for the show a bunch of words can be seen, usually words describing patriotic characteristics. The last word shown changes from time to time, sometimes changed specifically for a particular episode. Line breaks are not indicated in this table.

    With the current title sequence, Stephen is seen jumping over this last word while giving a sort of "battle-cry" and holding an American flag.

    As Colbert himself explains it: [13]. I'm speaking a completely self-sufficient, standalone essay, hopefully comedic The bullet points [excerpt] parts of what I said, or [comment] on what I just said. And the bullet points end up being their own character. Sometimes they're reinforcing my argument, sometimes they're countermanding my argument. It's a textual addition of jokes or satire to the verbal essay I'm doing at the moment.

    Following a July wrist injury, Colbert took up wrist injuries in general as a "pet cause" debuting Wrist Watch on July The segment purports to expose "Hollywood's 'glamorization' of wrist violence. Colbert also wore and marketed "Wriststrong" gel bracelets , a parody of Lance Armstrong's Livestrong wristbands. The cast that he wore afterwards was removed on the show on August 23, In this segment, Colbert determines whether various news events were influenced by divine intervention Yahweh or run contrary to what he thinks would be God's will No Way.

    One example was the news story stating that Mormons may have baptized President Barack Obama 's relatives. Colbert labeled this "Yahweh", and then said that God should not be imagined as He was by Hollywood films such as King of Kings , but more like Mr. Six of the Six Flags television commercials. He also claimed that the manna that fell in the desert was funnel cake.

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    Archived from the original on Retrieved September 22, November 29, March 1, The New Yorker. The Colbert Report. Season 5. New York. December 10, Comedy Central. Calgary: The Canadian Press. He's a jerk, you can put that in the paper.

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    Retrieved 6 August Retrieved 19 July Retrieved 28 July CBS News. Indecision Indecision Book Category. Categories : The Colbert Report Television series segments.