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When doing my internship at the local YMCA, I had the chance to learn about health promotion for the elderly, and I came to see that this industry is poised for considerable growth.

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From this experience, I understand that the best way to keep elderly people healthy is to focus on preventing accidents or diseases. Unfortunately, there is a scarcity of professionals in this industry, and this is why I hope to acquire a more thorough understanding of sports management in your graduate program, as I hope to fill this gap and become a pioneer in this field in my native country.

My university studies give me a good foundation of knowledge on which to base more advanced studies. Through core courses I have learned a lot about sports protection, fitness and weight training, as well as taking optional courses related to sports management. Meanwhile, I was also very active in extracurricular activities in order to build a broader perspective and more practical skills.

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In addition, I was a member of the Sports Service Society, and I collaborated with other members to help with elderly fitness drives and sanitary education in remote areas. As mentioned above, my career goals began to really take shape during my one-year internship as an Administrative Assistant at the YMCA. My core duties there included organizing and implementing conferences and teaching certificate lessons. I was also responsible for promoting activities, contacting students and teachers, and arranging various activities.

For instance, I planned many free elderly health-related activities in cooperation with the local municipal government, including an International Elderly Day with hundreds of student volunteers and drives to measure blood pressure and encourage the elderly to be active and explore nature. In the process of working on these events, I developed my leadership and organizational skills, and I have gotten a taste of what I expect to do for my future career.

The awakening of my independence happened during the end of my softball season my freshman year in college when my head coach had cut my scholarship because of lack of funding.

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I was faced with making my first mature decision into what my future was to hold. The following year I transferred to Thomas College hoping to play ball again which did not materialize because there were not enough players recruited to start the softball program. At Thomas College, I realized that I was going to school for the wrong reason -- to play ball. The idea hit me that being at Thomas College was not going to get me where I wanted to go in life. I then transferred to the University of Charleston, where I am presently.

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I wanted to pursue a sport management degree, while using my athletic abilities to participate in softball. I have no regrets on the decisions I have made, because I would never be the person I am today or have met all of the key people along the way. Throughout my college career, I have attempted to learn as much as possible about the field of sports management through various work experiences with many different types of sports organizations. Through my experiences with people in a minor league baseball association, fitness club, public relations department, athletic departments, and various recreation centers, I have had the opportunity to develop and hone my communication and public relation skills in several different areas.

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These experiences have helped me gain a better understanding of my career goals in the sports industry. In addition to the time spent out in the field, my education at University of Charleston has further developed my skills and knowledge of sports management, specifically in the areas of marketing, promotions, public and media relations, and management. I have also had the opportunity to be involved in various extracurricular activities that have provided me with the skills and knowledge that I have employed in my work experiences. Many concepts that I have learned from these activities were not taught in the classroom, but were instilled through practical experiences.

As well, I feel being a participant in athletics has helped me to grow both personally and professionally. The variety of field experience, ranging from a minor league baseball program to being a activities coordinator at a resort, to becoming a sports information assistant to my university has given me a full perspective of the broad spectrum of the sporting industry. I aspire to a career in promotions in the sports industry because I enjoy meeting new people and having the opportunity to participate in sports, but most importantly the feeling of excitement I get right before a sports competition, is comparable to the feeling I get working behind the scenes preparing for a sporting event.

I truly enjoy coordinating the events that lead up to the main event.

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Presently with my position of sport information assistant, relations with many varieties of groups of people such as local media, acting as a liaison between departments at the University, sponsors, fans, students, and athletes is extremely important in order to maintain effective communication. Through meeting new people, I believe one learns more about oneself, which ultimately helps one to understand and associate with other people better.

Working with and for, Assistant Men's Basketball Coach, Jeff Boals, have helped me to understand where I can and could go by entering this program.

Also, two other employers that I have interned for are both alumni of the graduate sport administration program at OU: Dr. Steven Rader, a former athletic director and currently the coordinator of an undergraduate sport management program, and Heath Brown, former General Manager of the Charleston Alley Cats.

I feel that Ohio University will assist in giving me the tools to make my career happen; therefore, I want the knowledge and experience I have gained through my classes, practical and professional experiences, and involvement in athletics, to secure me an interview. Through my interview and credentials, you will see I can be a valuable asset to the Ohio University Sport Administration program.

I want to " "make things happen" and I will.

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