Literary essay writing unit

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To read my post that I wrote last year about our literary essay unit, click here. Each time we begin a new type of writing in writing workshop, we immerse ourselves in a whole class inquiry to read mentor writing pieces.

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As we read an example together, we discuss what characteristics we notice in this type of writing as well as similarities and differences to the writing we did in our previous unit. Below are two charts we created in our first 2 days of our literary essay unit. The first chart lists the characteristics we noticed while we read a literary essay mentor.

The 2nd chart, lists the similarities and differences students noticed between personal essays that we wrote in our last unit and literary essays.

Bend II ♦ Raising the Quality of Literary Essays

This lesson helped students understand and see how writers transfer skills and strategies and carry them forward to new types of writing and units. I think this type of work is so important for not just writers, but learners in all subject areas.

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Students need to learn and understand how to transfer skills and apply them in the future, not only in one unit or subject, but across units and across subjects. This type of work also makes increases students' confidence in themselves as learners because they notice how many skills and strategies they have learned so far! Throughout the unit, we have created a class chart that lists the steps to writing a literary essay. This chart was created with the students, as all of my charts are, and you will see the students name next to their contribution.

This chart has been a helpful resource to the students as they write their literary essays throughout this unit. Labels: charts , Close reading , writing about reading , writing workshop. Anonymous February 23, at PM. Charles K. Peterson April 28, at AM.

Eron Hossain July 27, at AM. Mickael-ul-sanny Alif August 22, at AM. Anonymous September 13, at PM. Thomas Venney September 28, at AM. Alberta Beck October 29, at AM. James E. Spencer October 30, at AM. Benjamin I.

Descriptive writing worksheets for grade 7

Reed November 2, at AM. Jacob Perkins March 5, at PM.

Jennifer Thompson September 16, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. You may, of course, decide to teach just one or two bends of the unit for now, saving the rest for a later point in the year.

Short Story Unit: Literary Analysis & Essay Writing

Literary essayists, like all writers, experience predictable troubles—reasons that are not parallel, for example, or evidence that does not really match the claim. Cynthia and Katie will address these and other predictable problems by sharing ideas for conferences and small groups, mid-workshop teachings, and shares. They will show you a variety of ways to use the Opinion Writing Learning Progression to determine what a writer is doing and what that writer is ready to do next. This day will leave you with an armload of strategies for teaching literary essay, as well as a variety of tried and true methods for your whole class, small group, and individual instruction.

Literary Essay This day, focused on the Literary Essay unit, marks a return to opinion writing.